M2x0 4 HSS Thread Form Tap

M2x0.4 tap-M2 x 0.4 Metric thread tap in HSS bottom second ...

gaugestools is a professional supplier of thread taps, we can supply rich ranges of thread taps, including Metric taps, UN taps, ACME taps, BSPP taps, BSPT taps, NPT taps, and Trapezoidal taps etc. Worldwide shipment , usually taking 3-4 days clients can receive goods. Our Metric thread taps are popular in America and Europe etc.

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M2x0 4 HSS Thread Form Tap. We are the manufacturer of coal mining machine,roadheader,coal loader,tunnel mucking loader,backfilling machine,concerte pumping machine and so on. M2x0 4 HSS Thread Form Tap manufacturer, supplier.

M2x0 4 HSS Thread Form Tap - Roadheader Cutting Machine

M2x0.4 tap-M2 x 0.4 Metric thread tap in HSS bottom second ... We are professional M2x0.4 tap, M2 x 0.4 Metric thread tap in HSS supplier, each tap 100% tested with quality assurance.

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M2x0 4 HSS Thread Form Tap Special Taps: ดอกต๊าปเกลียวไซด์พิเศษCustom-Made Tap Special Taps HSS, HSSE, and Carbide Special Taps Custom Made Tap to Meet All of Your Need Special pitches, special pitch diameters (oversize or undersize), special thread forms, left hand or right hand, etc.,

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M2x0.4 Tap Set. High speed steel ground thread taps, uncoated, general purpose. ISO 529 dimensions. Right hand thread. Bottom, second and taper leads. See Technical information for full details. Image is representative.

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Thread forming taps do not cut threads; rather, they form threads by displacing material. They generate threads without producing chips. They are used on mild steels, carbon steels and low to medium alloys.

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Metric thread taps supplier Metric taps & dies manufacturer. Metric taps are the most commonly used tools for cutting Metric thread. Metric hand taps are mainly used in single volume production; Metric machine taps and nuts taps are widely used in mass production.

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High speed steel (HSS) ground thread engineering threading taps. Suitable for general purposes. Right and left hand threads. ISO 529, DIN 376 and BS 949 formats.

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Thread forming STI taps are used to form internal threads by displacing the metal without producing chips in large holes. They are ideal for aluminum, brass, copper, steel and soft metals.

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OSG offers spiral flute, spiral point, straight flute, forming taps, pipe taps and more.


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