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Pilot tunnel under construction. Together with the already constructed Inntal Tunnel it will form the world's longest continuous railway tunnel with 67 km. Metro L9 / L10: Barcelona, Spain: 43,710 m (27.2 mi) 2009–2016 (partially) The total system will have a length of 47.8 km, of which 43.71 km is underground and 4.09 km is on viaducts.

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Japan’s Seikan Tunnel is the longest underwater tunnel in the world, and is located beneath the Tsugaru Strait. The tunnel connects Hokkaido Island with the Aomori Prefecture. The tunnel was constructed as the government’s response to the unfortunate sinking of five ferry ships due to a typhoon back in 1954, which resulted in public outrage.

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Underground tunnel section of KPE (9.1 km) and MCE (3.6 km) are contiguous, hence classified as one tunnel. *Dual carriageway with max. 6 lanes in each direction; but separated only by a full-height wall, thus considered to be one tube.

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The world's longest railway tunnels - Railway Technology. Seikan submarine tunnel in Japan is the world's longest railway tunnel. Image courtesy of Ariake. The Channel Tunnel is the longest undersea railway tunnel in the world.

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With a route length of 57 km (35.4 mi) and a total of 151.84 km (94.3 mi) of tunnels, shafts and passages, it is the world's longest rail tunnel, surpassing the Seikan Tunnel in Japan.

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The Longest Tunnels In The World Stretching for 137,000 meters, the Delaware Aqueduct is the longest tunnel in the world. A tunnel in the Guangzhou metro is one of the longest tunnels in the world.

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Taihang Tunnel, China. Taihang Tunnel, located in Taihang Mountains in China, is the fifth longest railway tunnel in the world. The 27.8km long twin tube tunnel was built as part of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway project to cross the Taihang Mountains.

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AncientPages.com - This underground tunnel is an excellent example of the remarkable ingenuity of the ancient Roman engineers. It is the world's longest underground tunnel that is more than more than 100 kilometers. It is made of stone and was built to connect water to cities in the ancient province of Syria.

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The tunnel has overtaken Japan's 53.9km Seikan rail tunnel as the longest in the world and pushed the 50.5km Channel Tunnel linking the UK and France into third place.

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The entire line, including all track and stations, is located in underground tunnels. Its 60.4 km (37.5 mi) main branch, excluding the 6.9 km (4.3 mi) branch between Tianhe Coach Terminal and Tiyu Xilu, is the longest continuous subway tunnel in the world, and the longest rail tunnel of any kind (surpassing the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland).


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